@slayerespresso The new STEAM EP is our most affordable machine to date –– with everything you want and nothing you don’t... More
@slayerespresso So much time designing your cafe––why stop when it comes to the machine? Personalize your Slayer Espresso on our site... More
@slayerespresso “On the Slayer Steam X you can customize almost everything from the steam pressure to the brew volume––for a high... More
@slayerespresso I think a canele might be the best coffee sidekick. I know, it’s fancy. Thoughts? . . . @marucoffeela #makecoffeebetter... More
@slayerespresso Committed to making amazing machines for you, so we test them over and over and over again. . . .... More
@slayerespresso Handcrafting chill espresso vibes since 2007. It doesn't get any better than this. . . . @sonsoflibertycoffee #slayerespresso #makecoffeebetter #craftedinseattle More
@slayerespresso "A Slayer unlike any other. We love seeing how you customized your machine––make sure we’ve seen yours by tagging us!"... More

Shedding Light on Slayer Espresso

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@slayerespresso It’s the little things in life that matter. In particular, espresso. 📸@LittleVictoriesCoffee @BirlingtheOtt #makecoffeebetter #slayerespresso More

The Serious Coffee Lovers Dream Machine By Slayer

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@slayerespresso Ready to rock the bar –– the Slayer Steam EP with black powder coated wings & anodized aluminum body finish.... More
@slayerespresso Slayer’s Steam Box Set has wings designed to hide wires & hoses. Looks good & makes cleaning under the machine... More
@slayerespresso Slayer Espresso allows you to extract the best shot possible. With patented flow control enabled by a precision needle valve––you... More
@slayerespresso It’s amazing how coffee cultivates community. We all have that cafe that when you walk in you feel at home.... More
@slayerespresso Like watching the sunset pour over the horizon. . . . 📸@SonsofLiberty #makecoffeebetter #slayerespresso More
@slayerespresso Making coffee. All day, every day. . . . 📸@pouria.naderi @sam.cafe @rezakosar_ #makecoffeebetter #slayerespresso More
@slayerespresso Going to #ExpoWest next week in Anaheim? Pop by @califiafarms booth 5192 to check out the #SlayerSteamEP! More
@slayerespresso "I love the design of the machines––and with a manual needle valve or pre-infusion to adjust controls I can get... More
@slayerespresso Rest now sweet Steam EP, for tomorrow is another long line of lovely folks that need their coffee in order... More
@slayerespresso Inspired by antique stiletto daggers, these portafilter handles are unlike any other. . . #SlayerEspresso #MakeCoffeeBetter More
@slayerespresso Who wouldn’t want this simply gorgeous custom Slayer by @SpecialistEspresso at @CartelRoasters? . . . #makecoffeebetter #slayerespresso #slayerinthewild More
@slayerespresso The new actuators and portafilter handles for the Steam EP are so comfy I kinda don’t wanna let go. .... More
@slayerespresso Don’t worry misfits, you’re not alone.🙌 . . . 🎨@muckrock #makecoffeebetter #slayerespresso More
@slayerespresso The process of Slayer’s patented needle valve technology could be likened to making pour over coffee. Tune the water flow... More
@slayerespresso You could hang at @CafeDulceLA all day––and they’d let you. With delicious coffee and plenty of food available, this cafe... More
@slayerespresso Really fun hanging with everyone at the #stayhungrybehustle throwdown at @humbleraysmelb –– awesome group + awesome latte art! Congratulations @kien_loo!... More
@slayerespresso Today we celebrate love. Typically love for another human, but in this industry...sometimes for a machine. . . 📸 @furqanferdi... More
@slayerespresso Behind every great espresso machine there’s a great barista. I hope. Shout out to everyone dedicated to making coffee better!... More
@slayerespresso Extremely excited to have @coffee.remix in town to celebrate his @coffeemasters victory! Remy is here to hang out, both teach... More
@slayerespresso Red. A symbol of happiness and good fortune to many. When it’s the color of your Slayer, that’s definitely true.... More