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Time Remaining - Sale Ends Dec 31st

The countdown to the holidays has officially begun and we’re back with our Slayer Single Group* sale! With black body panels, European Ash handles, the world’s sexiest handcrafted home machine is now $500 off – but only for a limited time.

Built with exceptional craftsmanship and patented technology, our commercially minded machine enables you to sling drinks like a pro in the comfort of your home or office. Why can’t the best coffee shop on the block be your kitchen?

This holiday season, enjoy $500* off on our handcrafted Single Group machine,
through Dec 31st.

*Holiday Sale price applicable for North America Region customers only, ends on December 31st, 2018.
$500 off on standard and custom machines (customization available at additional cost and longer lead times for deliveries apply).
International customers: Contact us directly via email to connect you with your local reseller for pricing and estimated delivery times to your Country.

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Be the boss and the barista from the comfort of your own home!
Take advantage of this exclusive sale* and give the gift of exceptionally crafted coffee beverages
when and where you like to brew, today and everyday thereafter.

Order now if you’d like your Slayer Single group by Christmas*.


*Limited stock of classic Slayer Espresso machines available in the USA only, until 31st DEC 2018.
Machine delivery date is dependent on date of order and subject to availability.
**Additional Lead times for customizations apply.

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Entertain family members and guests with the exceptional espresso and decadent cappuccinos or lattes. We built a commercial machine for home users like you, because honestly you’re a lot like us.

This dual boiler machine gives you dedicated boilers to brew espresso and endless steam for perfect velvety microfoam.


Prepare extraordinary espresso and steam milk simultaneously with our dual boiler design.

Slayer’s Patented Flavor Profile Technology allows the barista to flavor profile and find that at times elusive sweet.

Grind finer, increases the surface area in the grounds, extending body and creating a visually stunning espresso.

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Our Personalization Tool puts you in the driver’s seat as the designer. Build your dream machine*,
customize the body panels (side and rear), powder coat the X’s and select your own wood set for the actuators.

It’s your very own kitchen cafe!

*Custom options available at additional cost, longer lead times for delivery apply.


12 reasons to buy 
a single group


    Coffee is our passion, quality our obsession. Each machine is handcrafted in Seattle with the highest caliber parts. When you use this machine, you can truly feel the Slayer difference.

  • #2: Unparalleled Flavor Profiling Technology

    With its patented needle valve, the Slayer Espresso allows for the utmost of control when dialing in your coffee. You are given the ability to grind finer, extract slower and pull out a sweeter, thicker shot of espresso.

  • #3: Form Meets Function

    With intentional design behind every decision, making coffee on this machine just feels right. Each intuitive feature makes you feel more comfortable than ever when pulling a shot of espresso on this durable yet graceful machine.

  • #4: Bespoke Design

    If you’re going to put something on your counter, make it something you’re proud of. Described as both elegant and durable. Beautiful yet bold. Tough but sexy. When this stunning machine isn’t extracting sweet espresso, it’s still awe-inspiring!

  • #5: Build Your Dream Machine

    Slayer was conceptualized as the dream machine. We want to continue helping others achieve their dreams, too. Your vision designs it and we will build it –– this is how dreams come true.

  • #6: It’s a Work of Art

    From daggers and swords to stereos and cars––Slayer’s inspiration is broad, but vision is specific. Unmistakably unique and unapologetically well-designed, this machine is a work of art that will elevate the aesthetic of your home.

  • #7: Perfect Gift for Your Loved One

    They will love it. And so will you. Every sip is justification for bringing this amazing espresso machine home.

  • #8: Make Coffee Better

    A Slayer Espresso machine literally makes coffee better by extracting more total dissolved solids which means flavor, sweetness and viscosity. You make the effort to source the best beans –– extracting them in the best way is the next step!

  • #9: Wonderful Wedding Gift

    Dishes and blenders make decent wedding gifts –– but don’t forget to give them the receipt, too. Give your favorite newlyweds a gift they’ll remember forever and get them a Slayer.

  • #10: Exceptional Coffee Without Leaving Home

    With the world’s best espresso right at your fingertips, you’ll need a damn good reason to go to a cafe instead. Keep your vibe cozy and make your favorite beverage from the comfort of your own kitchen.

  • #11: Best Espresso Machine in the World

    Bespoke design, exceptional craftsmanship, patented flavor profile technology, intuitive programming, ergonomic controls and most importantly amazing coffee. Slayer makes the best espresso machine in the world.

  • #12: The Ferrari of the Coffee World!

    This holiday season bring home the “Ferrari of the coffee world”*. Slayer makes an unparalleled espresso machine that’s high on performance, design and functionality.

    *Source -SAVEUR press feature ‘The Best Espresso Gear, According to Our Test Kitchen’

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Holiday time always gets our very best prices. Jump on the holiday sale while it’s here:

Enjoy $500 off on our handcrafted Single Group machine, through Dec 31st.

We are now taking stock orders, with immediate shipment options available.

Slayer is handcrafted in Seattle WA, with distribution worldwide. Contact us by completing the form below and one of our sales representatives will follow up via email to help you find the best purchasing option in your area.

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