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You asked for efficiency, repeatability and quality, all bundled up into our signature approach to intentional, elegant design at an approachable price point. We listened.

Introducing the new Slayer Steam X.  

Learn more about our new back stock program, now shipping in North America.

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Make Coffee Better

Imagined for one purpose: to make coffee better™. Slayer leads the resurgence of espresso machine innovation with radical products, unassailable vision, and a fanatical team of coffee professionals. We do espresso like you’ve never seen it.

Technology that Matters

Slayer strives to preserve coffee’s inherent sweetness and maximize the viscosity of espresso. Flow rate is manually controlled with patented technology during a unique wetting stage, promising the opportunity for finer grind size and the versatility of flavor profiling.

Espresso & Milk, Reimagined

Using Slayer is all about combining baristas’ intuition with a simple interface to facilitate an elegant coffee experience. In a setting developed from and for the passion of specialty coffee professionals, preparing milk and espresso will look, feel, and taste amazing.

Single Group espresso machine made by hand

Modern Equipment, Made by Hand

Built to order and assembled by hand: an American product to its core. Our Seattle-based team works with local artists and craftsmen to design and create something truly remarkable, truly yours.

American Crafted, World Renowned

We select like-minded, forward-thinking partners to support clients around the world. Already enjoyed in over 25 countries, Slayer equipment is compatible with multiple power configurations and available everywhere.

We are Slayer

Designers of professional coffee equipment. Craftsmen behind the world’s foremost custom espresso machines. Artists imagining the next stroke. Fundamentally committed to American manufacturing, modern design, and the advance of specialty coffee, we’re making coffee better around the globe.

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