Sarah Dooley

Sep 09, 2017


Photo by Slayer, latte art by our very own Nelson Ecenhower.

Congratulations, you have secured a spot in the SLAYER5K, early-Birdrock, 64 competitor bracket!  Drum roll please………..

In the order in which we drew them:

  1. Daveedg93
  2. Twizz_3seas
  3. Patmennacher
  4. Gmvelasquez
  5. Lance_hedrick_barista
  6. Westcoastbarista
  7. Nickbobberardi
  8. Porkchopalligator
  9. Jonasxreichert
  10. Emsta.gramcracker
  11. Barista1120
  12. Danshousecafe
  13. Brandeburgo
  14. Ibrewcoffee
  15. Josephrayrusk
  16. Pduty51

In less than 24 hours, our next post will share the event details, competition rules/standards and a virtual sign up link to attend or compete.

PS, we did not forget about all the non-competitors, our incredible sponsors are bringing BIG TIME raffle and trivia prizes.  Guests and competitors alike win incredible prizes!



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