Bring your coffee!


Apr 04, 2009


When I go to a show and see a new machine, I would love to actually play on it – specifically with MY coffee. I know what its supposed to taste like and it would be great to see how my coffee tastes on their machine. 

So, at the SCAA, we’re going to have two machines up & running. One will be manned by John & Joel who’ll be pulling shots for everyone who just needs a coffee.

The second machine is being set up for roasters & baristas to play with. We’ll have a 2gp Slayer plus two grinders: Anfim Super Caimano & Mazzer Kony (both with digital timer mods). Here’s your invitation to play! Bring a bag of your espresso to SCAA (probably 2lbs or more).

Start by choosing your preferred grinder (flat or conical burr set), set grind, dose & brew temp using the machine at a straight 9 bar shot – establishing a baseline. Next adjust the grind finer (generally I go 2 to 3 settings finer) and play with low pressure preinfusion and various brew geometries on the Slayer.

Who knows, you may experience your coffee for the first time 😉





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