New Custom Build: The Glass Slayer That You’ll Never, Ever See


Jun 06, 2014

An espresso machine that reveals all secrets – and a cafe that bares none. Stay close as we seek the facts concerning this fabled beast and its faceless master. And, remember, nothing everything is as it seems.

Behold: rumor realized and myth manifest. The glass Slayer, incarnate, extracts among us.

Glass Slayer rear panel

Who has summoned this phantom? Whence does it come? And where will it go? The truth is blurred, archived alongside unspeakable secrets such as the ingredient that won #DRBC2014. But this much can be known: a creature in its likeness has been seen once before.

Note its identifying marks. Clear glass – 1/4″ panels on the rear and 1/2″ on the sides – reveals the machine’s intricate components and vivid customizations. Steam and pre-heat tanks, powder coated green and blue, contrast spookily with the white center spar.

Glass Slayer espresso machine side angle

Surely, replacing aluminum with glass reveals new, complex evolution. The back panel, bent to precisely match Slayer’s standard silhouette, is secured with an as yet unseen bracket set and, seemingly, ready for easy removal. A unique lower frame supports the glass and provides a mount for electronics.

Clear panels on Slayer espresso machine

Slayer silver legs walnut handles side view

But this spectre has not attained complete mutation of the characteristics of its kind. Observe polished aluminum Xs, a familiar feature, and Peruvian walnut handles and actuators. This Slayer, like many before it, is outfitted with 3 groups, pre-brew timers, and hot water – a configuration designed to handle high volume with anyone at the helm. If only its destination could be known.

3-group Glass Slayer front view

We’re told that this Slayer’s haunted halls are protected by numerous locked doors and security checkpoints. Likely, it seeks the company of Mazzer grinders, Kyoto-style cold drip, Hario pour-over gear, and Stumptown Coffee – an eerie preference, experts assure.

Though rarely accessible to the public, occasional sightings of the glass Slayer are expected and photo opportunities may appear. Share if you dare.

Has the glass Slayer spooked your imagination? We want to hear your ideas for a custom Slayer. Tell us in the comments below, or write if you’re ready to get serious.


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