New Custom Build: Vegas Glam at Luminous Coffee


Dec 12, 2014

If there’s one thing that won’t stay in Vegas, it’s the word on Luminous Coffee. The sun rises on Nevada’s newest cafe; here’s the custom Slayer at the center of it all.

Luminous Coffee Slayer rear view

Las Vegas is, in more ways than one, a desert. The I-15 corridor that connects Calgary to Southern California is bookended by fabulous coffee destinations, but is otherwise all but barren. Mason and Camden of Luminous Coffee are building an oasis in the sand.

They’re pioneers, and as such enjoy the liberty of shaping this landscape into anything they like. Luminous will be a hybrid, shining proudly with the pomp and glamour of mid-century Vegas while simultaneously prizing modernity and importing ideas from other coffee locales. We had a hand in both.

Luminous Coffee Slayer espresso machine side view

Slayer is a modern machine to its core, but the challenge of giving it the look of Old Las Vegas was irresistible. After brainstorming with Mason and Camden, we began our work from the inside out: stainless steel tanks, plated with copper (oh, the irony); warm LEDs to light the interior; all revealed behind smoked glass panels.

Xs are treated with a black powder coat, their “pocked” texture left for subtle flair. Another powder coat selection, bronze 40% gloss, finished the front panel that supports each steam actuator.

Front view Slayer coffee machine Nevada

Luminous Coffee Slayer wood cup tray

From the barista’s view, it only gets better. Ziricote wood decorates each brew actuator, steam arm, and portafilter handle, as well as the cup rails that hug the entire body. It’s an elegant space, built for serious people.

Actually, just the kind of people that will be behind bar at Luminous: “specialists”, according to their slick business cards. When selecting equipment to join the impressive lineup at their 1,800-square foot cafe, Mason celebrated the permission that Slayer grants each barista to make beverages that are truly theirs. This tailored experience extends to the pour-over bar, too, where you’ll find a beautiful collection of gear by Monarch Methods in Toronto.

Several more collaborators will be on board when Luminous opens this winter, like Colorado River Coffee Roasters,
Pour Coffee Parlor, Ruby Coffee Roasters, and Supersonic Coffee Company, whose coffees will rotate in and out of the hoppers throughout the year. Eventually the menu will make way for beer and coffee cocktails, too, consistent with the cafe’s “speakeasy” ambience.

Luminous Slayer wood brew paddle Custom glass Slayer espresso machine

Until opening day, enlighten yourself with co-founder Mason’s enchanting Instagram account, @ibrewcoffee, and keep an eye on the official Luminous feed, coming soon.


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