Drain Tray Updates and Options


Dec 12, 2011

We were inspired by one of our employees, Molly Soeder, to make a modification to the drain pan. This was clearly inspired due to her (former) responsibility of having to clean and maintain the 2 group on our bar. In the past, coffee grounds would collect on the left side of the drain pan due to the slope of the pan. It was her suggestion to simply add a reverse slope to the other side, causing the grounds to flow into the drain. Great idea…and so the Molly Drain Tray was born 🙂

We’ve also had numerous requests for the ability to lower the overall drain tray assembly. So we’re now offering the option of a lowered drain tray bracket, which is 1/2″ (1.27cm) lower and provides this additional distance between the bottom of the group head and the dray tray.

Click either picture for a larger view

Thanks for the suggestions everyone – keep it up, we’re listening!


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