Commercial group and internal parts make this a capable tool for a business or home––this grouphead is rated at 1 million cycles

Shot mirrors to keep an eye on the perfect extraction, low-profile for engaging with guests, ergonomic features that feel good to work on––everything made with the user

Removable Drip Tray basin allows for a wider range of applications and uses.

Built with form and function in mind––choose the wood, metal, color, accessories…the possibilities are endless

Hot, stable water & steam on-demand always

Espresso flavor profiles like none other by grinding finer and using a restricted water flow rate

Commercial-style pump gets to pressure fast and can draw from an external reservoir

Unique heating system heats up quickly, gives super consistent temperature at the group and an unrivaled steam capacity for machines in its segment

Low-profile, large drip tray and ergonomic functions to allow baristas to easily speak with guests

Easy to operate, program and fine tune your machine from single screen