SCA 2018: The Slayer Guide to Seattle


Apr 04, 2018

Slayer Seattle Map

Slayer has always existed to empower its customers with the highest quality equipment. For the past 10 years, we’ve challenged the status quo for what an espresso machine could be, and moved our community’s needle forward toward a better conception of best in the crowd.

And with a new partnership between Slayer and Gruppo Cimballi announced at the end of last year, our tradition of subversion and rule breaking in service of making coffee better is only set to continue and expand.

At this year’s SCA Expo in Seattle, we’re laying down the blueprint for Slayer’s next chapter. But that doesn’t mean you can only have the Slayer experience inside the Expo.

This is a guide to the city on the Sound’s various cafes and coffee shops that Slayer machines call home, and how to find them—just because SCA only lasts three days doesn’t mean you do too. And these Shops will take you in whenever you need them.

Slate Coffee Roasters

This Seattle institution is as cutting edge as any roaster in America, and has a cult following around the country and world. You’ll find Slayer at their locations in Pioneer Square and East Ballard, where Espresso machines sate both locals and intrepid coffee aficionados alike. They’ll serve a long, complex doubleshot just as soon as a perfectly executed milk-based espresso drink. And with an always-interesting selection of bagged blends and single origins, this is the coffee you smuggle back home in your suitcase if you’re flying international.

Evoke Coffee Co.

A relative newcomer to the city’s coffee scene, Evoke has nonetheless become a Downtown destination for quality coffee. Sourcing beans from Portland’s Heart Coffee Roasters, Evoke comes equipped with a brand new Slayer Steam X, and is as much a spot to get an espresso as it is for those seeking out something more substantial. Its menu runs the table from toasts to açai bowls, and with an extremely dog-friendly policy, there’s no reason not to stop in for a minute or stay the afternoon.

Urban Yoga Spa

Just a stones-throw from the Washington State Convention Center, Urban is the place to both wind down from and gear up for the Expo. Serving Stumptown Coffee Roasters in their Coffee House, and offering hot yoga classes as well as a full treatment menu at their Yoga and Bodywork Studios, there’s no place better suited to alleviating the stress of spending days neck deep in all things SCA. Put simply, Urban treats your body like we treat our machines.

Squirrel Chops

This shop is only sort of what it seems. A woman-owned cafe and hair salon in Seattle’s Central District, Squirrel Chops is happy in equal parts to cut off all your hair, bang out hand-crafted lattes, or serve house-baked bacon date scones to its exquisitely coifed patrons who have made this spot their third place in a part of the city mostly unknown by its tourist populations. Serving coffee from Slate, Squirrel Chops does the cafe experience right without just being a cafe. Oh, and they serve alcohol. They’ve got a policy of making you happy with whatever makes you happy.

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