Slayer Custom – Portola Coffee


Oct 10, 2012

This video is showing the most recent customizations made to a Slayer 2 group for Portola Coffee in Costa Mesa, California.

We were contacted by Jeff, the owner of Portola, about a new cafe he was building. He had recently purchased a vintage LSM lever machine with hand hammered copper panels and wanted his Slayer to have a similar feel. After seeing images of the lever machine as well as artists renderings of Jeff’s new bar we knew what we needed to do. Borrowing the shape of the tiles on Jeff’s bar, we customized the back panel of his machine – then had them copper plated – then antiqued the copper to have a similar feel to his old lever.

We also designed a new cup rack for Jeff. We wanted to add to Slayer’s already iconic look but wanted the design to have a light and elegant appearance. We came up with the flowing lines and arched back and determined Peruvian walnut was the perfect way to integrate the new cup rack with the existing design of the machine. Stainless steel is inset into the walnut to provide the strength necessary to allow the cup rack to be lifted from the machine when its full of ceramic cups and the two stainless rails hold the cups in place.

We had a great time on this design and fabrication and we’d encourage anyone in the Costa Mesa area to stop into the new cafe called Theorem and see this beautiful creation in person.

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