Slayer moves to larger Seattle studio


May 05, 2009

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Here are a few shots of Slayer’s new studio that I thought you might find interesting.  Slayer has officially moved to its new digs in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.

Energy levels are high, as we build out the space, receive production components, meet with customers & vendors and argue with the landlord.

An expanded  loading dock is also being added at our request that apparently must conform to the building code/design intent of this historically registered building, circa 1905.   So it seems this will be a huge wooden “stable door”, and will take several more weeks to finish and install.  Can hardly wait.

Right now, work is being completed in days that would ordinarily take weeks.  Plumbing, drainage, work stations, desks, lighting, and handling systems.  We are also adding a pseudo lab/cafe where we will keep Slayers running at all times for customer use and testing.

The area for this was not plumbed or powered when we moved in, so Ron our resident electrician and power panel assembler is working to get these things in place, channeling through brick, finding long lost power connections, often in the catacomb-like areas that lie below the main floor of this 104 year old building.

Twenty-two foot high ceilings, mean it will be easy to store components on lofty racks.  While a bank of regularly spaced fifteen foot windows give this work environment the feel of a cathedral consecrated to espresso, hailing from gothic times.

It is perhaps this cavernous quality and the way the building pulls in light from outside and casts shadows against rough-hewn columns, like ancient trees, that lend these snapshots an odd feeling of languor and quietude.

Eric Perkunder in Seattle


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