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Slayer Welcomes Brett Dedman as Senior Technician for Asia Pacific!

Brett Dedman has been an incredible asset to the coffee industry in tech support for nearly 30 years! His reputation proceeds him as one of the best technicians in the world. Brett is no stranger to turning a wrench, troubleshooting and crankin’ out an espresso with a smile to check his work. He joined the Slayer team in Seattle this past month for a deep dive into our product lineup and training. Brett hit the ground running, immediately activating his depth of knowledge and communication skills in technical thinking and troubleshooting.  Now back in Australia, Brett is busy helping to improve Slayer’s ability to support customers in Australia and Asia, with real-time solutions.

Under the direction of Ross Quail and with the addition of Brett Dedman, our hope is to extend excellent care and support for Slayer partners and customers around the World––allowing us to keep the promise to make coffee better for all.

Thank you for helping us give Brett a warm and welcoming hello!