The State of Slayer, Part 5: Introduction to Slayer Steam


Jun 06, 2016

This is the final part of our blog series, The State of Slayer. Learn about the origins of our company and the impetus for our radical products in Part 1: Provoking Innovation.

Almost 10 years in to the Slayer story, we’re sharing the biggest news since our launch. We invite you to experience the second machine series in our growing catalog. This is Slayer Steam.

Jason Prefontaine founded Slayer when he had an idea for revolutionizing espresso, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Steam is the result of his continued commitment to make coffee better™. Expanding the Slayer portfolio of professional equipment, we now turn to the milk-dominated world of high-volume coffee business with the same inventive approach that we first took to espresso.

Slayer Steam unlocks flavor potential with a groundbreaking method for steaming milk. The new Vaporizer™ empowers cafes that rely on lattes as a major revenue stream to take their milk to the same level of quality that they take espresso. With volumetric operation and numerous time-saving features, this is accomplished without any blow to the speed of service.

Our team will present Slayer Steam for the first time at the World of Coffee event in Dublin, Thursday June 23 through Saturday June 25. Limited pre-orders will be accepted at the show, with staged roll-out bringing Steam to select countries through the end of 2016. Fulfillment will begin in Q4. For information about pricing and availability in your country, hit “Learn More” and follow the navigation to request a quote.

Slayer Research and Development is led by Jason Prefontaine, Chris Flechtner, and Devin Walker, three innovators who have helped to define our roots from the very beginning. Slayer Steam is the result of a creative collaboration between this team and many talented friends in the industry. From everyone involved, we can’t wait to see what you do with this machine.

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