The Serious Coffee Lovers Dream Machine By Slayer


Mar 03, 2019

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The Serious Coffee Lovers Dream Machine By Slayer

The espresso machines by Slayer inspire coffee roasters, baristas, true coffee lovers, and passionate people who simply want the best tools in their kitchen. Learn more about the award-winning Single Group machine below and get professional tips to making the ‘perfect espresso’.

The serious coffee lovers dream machine by Slayer

On a mission to Make Coffee Better™

In Seattle, Washington Slayer has been handcrafting espresso machines for the past decade. Their ongoing mission is to make coffee better™ which is achieved with a machine that is both beautifully designed and offers great functionality. The slayer espresso machine allows for unmatched control in flavor profiling via a patented needle valve technology. Tuneable flow restriction gives the user precise control of the espresso beds saturation rate. The result is a sweeter, more viscous shot of espresso.

The serious coffee lovers dream machine by Slayer

The machinery

Slayer has revolutionized the espresso machine industry and received the “Best New Product” award from the Specialty Coffee Association of America. The Single Group machine is crafted to be both durable and elegant. No question that it’s a heavy-duty machine that would also do the trick in an espresso bar, but the beautiful lathed wooden handles are the perfect example of combining form and function.

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The serious coffee lovers dream machine by SlayerThe serious coffee lovers dream machine by Slayer

The compact Single Group packs the same commercial head, steam valves, and brew actuator as the other models – plus a few extras and a touchscreen interface. You will experience the Slayer signature flow control and in both manual and semi-automatic modes, the Single Group divides extraction into multiple stages and manipulates flow rate to highlight the inherent sweetness of espresso.

How the Slayer works

Design and customization

The design includes European Ash wood handles and actuators but you can also go for the fully customized option. Slayer gives you the option to create a machine that fits your own personal style with a myriad of options; leather sides, super polished metals (chrome, black nickel, even gold), exotic wood handles, backlit logos and every color or pattern imaginable. As Slayer put’s it: “you dream it and Slayer will build it”.

Retail price: $8,500

“How to make the perfect espresso”

Espresso Guide

1. The coffee:
Freshly roasted coffee is a must (perfect spot is between 9-11 days after roasting). For an espresso, go for a Brazilian single-origin dark-roasted bean

2. The water:
Always use fresh water every time you brew and ensure the water is “soft”

3. The recipe:
Find your personal favourite experimenting with water temperature, dose of dry coffee, amount of espresso, grind etc.

4. Temperature:
High and precise temperature is a must!

5. The dose:
The traditional Italian espresso of 30 ml is made with around 14g coffee

6. Tamping:
The hot water will seek easy channels through the coffee so the grains must be uniform. After collecting the right amount, smooth the surface and then give a decisive, firm tamp

7. Extraction & grind:
An even grind is a must, and the extraction needs to be fast and controlled. Small changes can make a big difference

8. Clean machine:
Ensure that your machine is always clean. Oily residue can ruin great taste


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