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Sep 09, 2007

Why have this blog, you ask? The purpose of Slayer is to share information, stories, and developments from the world of professional espresso. We want to explore it all–the coffee, the Culture, the people, the equipment, technique, and philosophy, the things that define the world of espresso when it is taken to a professional level. We want to hear from those in the specialty coffee industry who may at this very moment stand at the top of their game with tremendous depth of experience and expertise. You may already have a creed firmly in place around your Art based on years of exploration and practice. We want to know how this is working for you–so we can learn from it.


Slayer is also for everyone who just wonders if there is a better way. What comes after perfection? What lies on the other side of Caffe Artigiano, David Schomer, PID, FB80, Fair Trade, Cup of Excellence, and all the dreams of an organic, authentic, Coffee Universe now circulating and seemingly just beyond our grasp? Whether we call ourselves this or not, the players in this industry are really coffee argonauts, students, on a journey of discovery and personal improvement around this one special thing– professional espresso–which remarkably offers us a context to improve not just the coffee, but possibly the World.


Everyone, welcome aboard!



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