Hit List USA: Visit These New Cafes in 2016


Jan 01, 2016

Wherever travels took you last year, chances are a lot has since changed. Tons can happen in 12-month’s time and, these days, that almost always means coming back to find a new cafe in town.

The insatiable thirst for specialty coffee is now found – and fixed – in practically every urban area around the world. For the affected traveler in The States, we’ve started your search with these new and exciting cafes, all of which served their first espressos in 2015.

Slate Coffee Roasters
Seattle, WA

Slate Coffee bar Seattle

A Seattle mainstay since 2012, Slate opened not one, but two new coffee bars last year – in the same week. At each, you’ll enjoy high-touch service, with drinks served in stemware and delivered to your table.

Coffee Shop
Walnut Creek, CA

Slayer Coffee Shop in Walnut Creek

Coastal California has more than its share of prodigious roasters, but where does one go to try something “exotic”? It’s called Coffee Shop and it’s bringing “worldwide roasts” to the Bay. Here, twin Slayers serve espressos from an ever-changing menu that features roasters from, well, everywhere.

Cedar Coffee Supply
Alpine, TX

West Texas coffee shop, Cedar Coffee SupplySlayer machine at Alpine, TX cafe

A multi-roaster shop with a singular vision: serve great espresso to West Texas. Tiny Alpine is home to this specialty coffee outpost, which may not be on your way to anything but is most definitely worth a detour.

FirstLive CoffeeHouse
Brooklyn, NY

Coffee bar and recording studio, FirstLive in New York

Heaven on earth for coffee-loving audiophiles. FirstLive is a production company headquartered in a cafe and it’s taking “open mic night” to the next level. Come for the coffee, stay for the tunes.

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters
Jacksonville, FL

Bold Bean Coffee roastery, JacksonvilleBarista at Bold Bean coffee shop

Bold Bean had already opened two cafes in the Jacksonville area before establishing a new roastery as the seat of its empire. With cupping, training, and espresso via Slayer, the roastery is an exciting variation on daily retail service.

Lula Rose General Store
Denver, CO

Lula Rose General Store and cafe

Coffee, groceries, garments, and more – leave it all to Lula Rose. A newcomer to the micro-market trend, its retail shelves are still filling but the coffee is brewing steadily.

Methodical Coffee
Greenville, SC

Ordering at Methodical CoffeeRecord player at Slayer coffee shop

“Humble sophistication” is the mantra at Methodical Coffee and it looks to have paid off. With a record collection as diverse as the roasters on bar, Methodical has become the premier coffee destination in Greenville – if not the state of South Carolina.

Barista Parlor
Nashville, TN

Barista Parlor Germantown Nashville

Its first location turned the spotlight of specialty coffee to Nashville and the two following are satisfying encores. At Barista Parlor Germantown, coffees come from national roasters like Stumptown and Intelligentsia, as well as its own roastery, new in 2015.

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters
Detroit, MI

Dessert Oasis Detroit coffee shop

Didn’t expect to find Detroit on this list? Then you might be surprised to learn that it has one of the country’s up-and-coming coffee scenes. A cavernous cafe built by Rochester-based Dessert Oasis is among the newest in town.

Revelator Coffee Company
Southeast USA

Revelator Coffee in New OrleansRevelator barista making espresso

Almost overnight, Revelator became to the Southeast what Blue Bottle is to the Bay and Stumptown to the Northwest. They’re based in Birmingham, but in the last year alone opened cafes in Chattanooga, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Nashville.

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