Press Release: January Closeout on “Slayer Classic”


Jan 01, 2016

Changes are coming to the Slayer catalog. Leading up to the installment of a new standard for in-stock models, our Classic configuration is available at closeout prices, starting at $15,999 USD. Read the press release, below, for details.

In recent years, Slayer machines have been built to 2 distinct specifications: Classic and Plus. The Classic model – sold with plastic portafilter handles and no pre-brew timers or hot water dispenser – has been our lowest price option and a baseline for customizations. Now, increasing our efforts toward simple messaging and efficient production, we have decided to discontinue the Classic configuration for Slayer 2- and 3-group machines. The current Plus model will replace it, as the singular option for buying Slayer.

Effective February 1, 2016, our new standard will feature Peruvian Walnut portafilter handles, pre-brew timers, and a hot water dispenser. To promote our transition to this standard, a closeout discount is offered on Slayer Classic and will run throughout January 2016.

Slayer classic features

Slayer Classic includes: black body panels, silver Xs, and plastic portafilter handles. Excludes: wood portafilter handles, pre-brew timers, and hot water dispenser.

  • LIST PRICE: $17,500 USD
  • CLOSEOUT: $15,999 USD
  • LIST PRICE: $22,000 USD
  • CLOSEOUT: $19,999 USD

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