Day One: Slayer Debuts in Atlanta


Apr 04, 2009


As I write this post, I am in a happy state of extreme caffenation!

Slayer’s debut and hearty reception at SCAA has taken us completely by surprise.  And I must say happily so.

Day one revealed what our Slayer team has suspected for a while.  Our industry has been waiting and watching quite carefully for the unleashing of new pressure control functionality for practical use in real life cafe situations.  Waiting for functionality like this in a machine configured for artisanal brewing in a barista-style machine.


We were also greatly heartened to see how quickly and smartly the concepts that we have discussed for months in the Slayer blog were taken up and even expanded upon by first time users of the Slayer machine.

When you are as close to an object as we have been to the Slayer during its development, only real world experience by real life coffee jockeys can serve as complete proof that something is as simple and easy to use as you think.


Joel May and John Mitchell, our Slayer trainers, were brilliant at briefly and efficiently describing the use of Slayer’s control actuator to new users, then getting out of the way and letting things really get started.

Joel and John worked tirelessly through the day, enabling both barista novices and some of the greatest coffee performance artists in the world serve up their personal interpretation of espresso through the new functionality of the Slayer machine.  These two guys also made a ton of coffee for guests of booth 316/318, a monumental job.

At times it did feel as if the entire world was actually in or around the Slayer booth waiting to brew their coffee on the new machines.  And we loved it!

Adding to one of the happiest days of our lives there was also a nice post in the Seattle Times today about the Slayer’s Atlanta debut.

See you all tomorrow!

Eric Perkunder
at the SCAA in Atlanta


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