Evert Sodergren — A Legendary Modern Designer for Slayer Actuator


Nov 11, 2008



The Slayer espresso machine sports some remarkable design–in my admittedly biased opinion.  One reason for this has been the involvement of artisans and craftsmen from a range of disciplines from lost-wax sculptural metal casting to knife-making to rapid prototyping through SLA models.


In building the Slayer, we augmented our own knowledge and experience by seeking the help of specialists in each of the disciplines we needed to bring our vision of the World’s Greatest Espresso Machine to reality.


This route proved super-effective and a lot of fun as we got to be part of individual monomania’s, fanatical focus and expertise, as we worked to shape each element of the machine to be the very best, probably in the entire industry.


The machine’s main controller was one of the areas where we sought the influence of our betters.  As you might guess, Slayer’s controller is the primary point where the barista actually touches and engages the machine to make it brew.




The controller (paddle, actuator) on the Slayer is especially important because it is virtually the only mechanism other than the steam valve that is needed to access every function the machine has to offer.  It is also the marriage of a dark Peruvian walnut and a high-gloss, stainless steel casting.


For design of this iconic piece, you’ll note we turned to traditional materials here.  We also turned to Evert Sodergren, one of the foremost modern furniture visionaries in the Pacific Northwest.


Evert’s website describes his designs as inspired by both Scandinavian Modern and Asian design influences.  Evert’s father emigrated to Seattle from Sweden and was also a furniture-maker, so there is a tradition of woodworking there as well.


I am not sure if Evert’s website mentions that his innovative and beautiful, Sculptured Chair was selected by the Smithsonian Institute for its permanent collection in the Renwick Gallery of American Crafts in Washington DC.  If not, it was.


Anyway, I have posted a picture of Slayer’s central controller for your viewing pleasure.



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