Sarah Dooley

Mar 03, 2017



Hello Neighbors!  Slayer’s hitting the road again and this time it’s in the great Northwest.  Our next stop, Portland Oregon for a Meet Steam event at Seattle Coffee Gear. There will be hands on demonstrations, Q & A and a two day tech class. Guests are welcome to join us for Cocktail Hour (times 3),  details and link to attend below.

To reserve a private appointment please contact Kelly Traw,

March 8th:

10-3PM, March 8th Private Showings Hourly by Appointment Only

3-7PM, RSVP Open House & Cocktails

March 9th:

10-12, Private Showings by Appointment Only

1-4:30 Part 1, Slayer Tech. Training

March 10th:

10-4:30 Part 2, Slayer Tech. Training


Our hope is to give you the needed hands on for our newest machine in your city.  You can expect this event and many more to pop up all over the world.

Interested in hosting a Slayer, Meet Steam event or learning more about distribution and technical training, contact us directly



Slayer Corporate Headquarters

PHONE: +1 206.284.7171
707 Lind Ave SW, Renton, WA 98057