Safely Draining and Shutting Off Machine | Slayer Espresso Steam Series

Sarah Dooley

Mar 03, 2020

If you plan to move your machine or are not planning to use it for longer than 3 days, we recommend shutting it down and draining all water in order to ensure that your machine and cafe are in good working condition when you return to full service. Please find the steps for safely draining and shutting off your Slayer Espresso Steam Series machines, this includes Steam X, Steam LP, Steam EP, Steam LPx, and Steam models.


10-15 minutes



Step 1: Turn off dedicated water source to the machine. Turn off breaker switch and toggle switch under machine.

Step 2: Remove cup tray and set aside.

Step 3: Locate the ball valves in the machine. There is a ball valve dedicated to each tank.

Step 4: Open steam tank ball valve. If the steam tank is pressurized, only open ball valve slightly.

The brew tanks are under a vacuum and will not drain by just opening the ball valve

Step 5: Open brew Tank ball valves.

Step 6: Disconnect the Molex connection at the pump.

Step 7: Move the brew actuators to the middle position. This will open the solenoid valves and break the vacuum.

Step 8: Once the machine is drained, close up all ball valves and reconnect the pump.

Step 9: Unplug your power cord if you are keeping the machine off for more than two days.

Please contact Slayer with any questions or concerns at — we are here to help you and your machine. 


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