Safely Draining and Shutting Off Machine | Slayer Espresso Single Group

Sarah Dooley

Mar 03, 2020

If you plan to move your machine or are not planning to use it for longer than 3 days, we recommend shutting it down and draining all water in order to ensure that your machine and cafe are in good working condition when you return to full service. Please find the steps for safely draining and shutting off your Slayer Espresso Single Group machine.

Time Needed:

10 Minutes

Tools Needed:

#2 Phillips Screwdriver

3/8 Fitted Wrench 

Step 1: Turn off machine and access ball valves

    1. Turn off the machine by unplugging from the power source.
    2. Shut off the main water going to the machine.
    3. Remove the cup tray and set aside.
    4. Remove the front panel by unscrewing the 4 screws (two under the cup tray and two in the front).

Step 2: Drain the machine

  1. Locate the two ball valves (hexagonal shaped silver pieces with black tabs).
  2. The back ball valve is dedicated to the steam tank.
  3. The front ball valve is dedicated to the brew tank.
  4. With a wrench (or with your hands if the machine is room temperature) open the ball valves by moving the black tabs parallel to the hexagonal body.
  5. If there is pressure in the steam tank, only open the back ball valve a quarter of the way. Opening the valve all the way will result in flooding the machine.
  6. The brew tank will not drain just by opening the ball valve because it is in a vacuum.
  7. To break the vacuum, locate the brew gauge and follow the copper tubing to the neck of the tank.
  8. With a 3/8 fitted wrench, unscrew the compression fitting connecting the copper tubing to the tank, there might be some water that spills out, this is normal.

Step 3: Close valves and put machine panels back together

  1. Once both tanks are drained, use a wrench to close both ball valves.
  2. Make sure to tighten the compression fitting back to the neck of the group head.
  3. The compression fitting should be put on hand tight then a quarter turn with a wrench.
  4. Reassemble top front panel and cup tray.

Please contact Slayer with any questions or concerns at — we are here to help you and your machine.


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