Slayer Beware: “Mind the Machine!”


Mar 03, 2009


Dear Reader, 

When you share your thoughts on this blog, we sit up and take notice. We love hearing your musings, answering your questions, and listening to your wise words of advice.  

In fact when I think about it, there is really only one thing that makes us happier. This is your Art. . . 

When you take the time to create collages, compose free verse, or  assemble personal phantasmagorias to communicate abstract thinking, it drives us absolutely crazy with happiness. 

Your Art actually makes us drop whatever we’re doing and head out to the nearest cafe, where we order our favorite espresso macchiato and spend joyful hours interpreting your work.       

Recently Slayer received a small slideshow from a generous fan named Dax.  Dax is from the only place on earth that can lay claim to being a country, a continent, and a state of mind.  Of course, I mean Australia. 

I have attached a link to his movie for your review.   The video montage was accompanied by a letter, which is attached here:

Hello Slayer,

Attached is a collection of images which we believe should help you formulate the overall aesthetics of the Slayer machine and perhaps Inform you of the ideological leanings behind our concept. We believe that money should be no barrier when constructing this beautiful machine and that the Slayer should surpass every coffee machine on the market. We want the Slayer to inspire fear and awe and to be the centre piece in every cafe that has one installed.

Patrons will marvel at this baroque/gothic throwback to the industrial age and be stunned by Wagnerian opera(with heavy metal overtones) music piped out through the machines organ. It’s heavy with concepts but I’m sure someone at the company can fill in the details and design this thing. Later I will send you a list of materials you will need and the type of people you need to work on it.

Good Luck.”

To paraphrase letter and video,  “Be mindful of the machine!”  

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do, 

Warm regards,



Slayer Corporate Headquarters

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707 Lind Ave SW, Renton, WA 98057