Top 7 Custom Single Groups of 2015


Dec 12, 2015

Since we built our very first machines, Slayer has been heavy into customization. Our clients’ coffees and cafes are the products of careful preparation and creative effort, so we asked, “Why not take their gear just as seriously?” Almost ten years later, now established as the world’s leading custom espresso machine manufacturer, it’s settled: we know personalization.

Yes, we kicked off our In-Stock Program this year – but that’s not to say we held back on custom builds. Collaborating with Seattle’s most skilled artists and craftsmen, our team produced its finest work in 2015. These are the Single Groups we remember most proudly.

1. Matte Black (“Batman’s Slayer”)

Matte black Slayer espresso machine

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA | Our most popular build of the year, with all the “likes” to prove it. Murdered-out coffee gear is incontestably cool right now, but it’s not all for show: matte black covers a multitude of sins, keeping the appearance of cleanliness on even the busiest bar.

2. Custom Chrome

Custom paint body and chrome Slayer espresso machineCustom one group espresso machine

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | If you think our custom options are off the charts now, keep watching. We’re always experimenting with new features, like these chrome-plated panels and hubs. With polished Xs, too, this Single has a satiny shimmer that seems to lift itself off the counter.

3. White Oak Wrap

Timber coffee machine

SHANGHAI, CHINA | Also new this year, our first all-wood Single Group is almost too elegant to call a “machine”. Its White Oak handles, actuators, and body panels are handcrafted less than 2 miles from our Seattle studio, and carefully engineered to protect the timber from high temperatures.

4. Antiqued Copper

Copper and nickel espresso machineDistressed copper Single Group body

SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA | Throwback to 2012: our first “antiqued” metal finish was inspired by a vintage lever machine and completed for Portola Coffee Lab in Orange County, California. This new take on distressed copper is no less handsome than the original and, like it, completed with a brushed back panel and Peruvian Walnut cup rails.

5. Charcoal & Bone

Espresso machine in white and charcoal paint

LOS ANGELES, USA | Sometimes a custom build is about going all-out, pushing every option to the max. And sometimes you just have to keep it simple. We’re obsessed with the daring contrast and defiant minimalism of this color scheme, which we’re calling “charcoal and bone”.

6. Zebrawood Whiteout

White body and zebra wood brew paddleRear view, Zebrawood espresso machineFront view, zebra wood handles and actuators

ATLANTA, USA | Stunned? Us, too. Zebrawood is featured on many of our favorite machines and, paired with a white body, shuts us right up. The drip tray is treated with highly resilient powder coat, so don’t even start to worry about scratches.

7. Black & Blue

Blue espresso machine with black and custom timber

SEATTLE, USA | Bringing it home to our own backyard, how about this eccentric combination? Steely blue body panels are framed with black, polished Xs and brightly accented with Ash wood – plus a matching Slayer tamper, also in Ash.

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